Addiction Resource
Addiction Resource raises awareness of the dangers of drug addiction among parents, and in families in general, that has an enormous impact on the problem of domestic violence ( This is the specific article on this issue: (

Best Allergy Sites
Best Allergy Sites is the web’s first and largest informational guide of environmental allergy, food allergy and intolerance web sites and blogs.

My Max Pack
My Max Pack is choke-full of fun, kid friendly snack recipes and activities that get kids excited about healthy foods and exercise.

Vegetarian Mamma
Cindy Gordon aka Vegetarian Mamma has been blogging since February 2009. She brings her love for gluten-free recipes, travel, life and wellness to her readers.

Kyle Dine - Food Allergy Musician
Fun food allergy music to educate and empower children over their food allergies helping to keep them safe.