AllerblingTM Full Kit

AllerblingTM Full Kit

Our wristbands come in 4 sizes, and each includes 1 medical charm.


Common Allergy Charms

Medical Cross Charm Peanut Allergy Charm Shellfish Allergy Charm Wheat Allergy Charm Dairy Allergy Charm Fish-Allergy-Charm Soy Allergy Charm Tree Nut Allergy Charm Egg Allergy Charm

Less Common Allergy Charms

Sesame Seed Allergy Charm Strawberry Allergy Charm Corn Allergy Charm Coconut Allergy Charm Chocolate Allergy Charm Bee Allergy CharmGluten Free Charm


Asthma Charm Latex Allergy Charm Diabetes Charm I Carry Allergy Injector Charm

Allerbling Pouch Kit

  • Pouch contains pill boxes, ID card and space for EpiPen
  • Velcro material to add more Allerbling Patches
  • Medical Cross Patch included
Allerbling Pouch

Allerbling Patches

  • Velcro back
  • Use on Allerbling Pouch, clothing & other items
  • Large patch easily seen
Medical Cross Patch Peanut Allergy patch Shellfish Allergy Patch Wheat Allergy Patch Dairy Allergy Patch Fish Allergy Patch Soy Allergy Patch Tree Nut Allergy Patch Egg Allergy CharmSesame Seed Allergy Patch Strawberry Allergy Patch Corn Allergy Patch Coconut Allergy Patch Chocolate Allergy Patch Bee Allergy CharmGluten Free PatchAsthma Patch Latex Allergy Patch Diabetes Patch I Carry Allergy Injector Patch