Allerbling User Experience

"I don't know if it's just me, but it feels like a really big deal to remove one of the allergy charms from my son's allergy wristband. Can we call it an allergy milestone? (I really hope I'm not jinxing us since he still hasn't tried ALL tree nuts - 5 down, 5 to go! 💪). But this is what's so cool about the @allerbling bracelet. You have the ability to add or remove charms throughout your child's allergy journey. If you are hopeful your child will outgrow an allergy or two, it's a truly flexible option. 👍 His other bracelet has his allergens engraved, so tree nuts remain."

"Of all the allergy wristbands out there, @allerbling is definitely one of my favourites. It's cute. It's colourful. It's waterproof. And I love that it comes with removable allergy charms. If you're a glass half full type of gal like me, you'll tell yourself that it's because your child is going to outgrow at least one of his allergies. Right? Right?! 😅 In addition to the cute food charms (which you can buy separately), each wristband comes with a red medic charm to let the world know that this isn't just a cool bracelet, but a visual warning about the seriousness of your child's food allergies. 🚫🍴🚫 While these wristbands are for ages 3 and up, I have to admit I've started letting my 2 1/2 year-old do short practice runs with it on... with adult supervision, of course! 😊👍 He can now point to each charm and proudly name the allergen. Even cuter? When we listen to @kyledinemusic's song, "Cool Bracelet," he often asks to wear his. #heartmelt 💖"

"New allergy bracelet came today! The first one lasted over 2 years which I think is pretty good for such a rough and tumble boy. Thank you @allerbling for keeping our kiddos safe."