Living with Allergies (Part 2)

Posted by Qunli Wu on

Be Ready to Treat an Allergic Reaction

Even at home it’s good to have a plan, so everyone is prepared if there is a reaction. An Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan can be shared with extended family, housemates, babysitters or anyone else who comes into your home.

  • All family members and caregivers should know how and when to use an epinephrine auto-injector.
  • Have up-to-date auto-injectors and know where to find them.
  • Keep your auto-injectors and any other medications recommended by your doctor handy. Make sure they are out of reach of young children and that family members know where they are kept.
  • Review and understand what to do in an emergency.
  • Post a copy of your emergency plan, including the phone number of your local emergency services.
  • Good resource  - Take free 30-minute online course for the community. It’s perfect for family and friends.