Halloween Tips to Keep Kids Safe (Part 3)

Posted by Qunli Wu on


While out

Tip 1: Ensure your child is carrying their auto-injectors (e.g. EpiPen) with them at all times and that whoever they are with knows where the auto-injectors are in case of an emergency and how to use them.

Tip 2: Remind your child to not eat any of the candy before they get home.

Tip 3: Wear Shine a light glow-in-the-dark teal bracelets as a way of driving awareness.

At home

Tip 1: Participate in #ShineATealLight campaign. Where you shine a teal light on your front porch to show your support for kids with food allergy. This campaign promotes safety, inclusion and respect of individuals managing food allergy. It’s also environmentally-friendly!

Tip 2: Offer non-food treats for trick-or-treaters, like stickers and pencils.

Tip 3: Offer allergy-friendly treats that are individually packaged and have ingredient labels on the package. Peanut and tree nut free treats are great, but many children have other food allergies like milk, soy, and wheat so having candy options with labels on them goes a long way.

Tip 4: Paint a pumpkin teal as another way to demonstrate support and drive awareness.