Halloween Tips to Keep Kids Safe (Part 1)

Posted by Qunli Wu on

Plan ahead

Tip 1: Talk to your child about Halloween and what it means to stay safe. Pick a quiet time a few weeks before Halloween when you are not rushed (rather than when you’re heading out the door).

Tip 2: When you talk, model the “careful, not fearful” approach, staying positive while highlighting the big rules — like carrying their epinephrine auto-injector, and not eating any of the treats while out trick-or-treating.

Tip 3: Double check that your child’s auto-injectors are up-to-date.

Tip 4: Talk to neighbors about your child’s food allergy. Some parents meet neighbors ahead of time and give them safe treats to hand out.

Tip 5: Review your child’s emergency plan and what to do in case of a reaction. Remind your child that they should let you and others know if they are feeling unwell or they think they may be having a reaction.