New Charms

Posted by Qunli Wu on

New Charms

Thank you for your support and feedback, three new charms will be released: Latex Allergy, I Carry Allergy Injector, and Diabetes.

Latex Allergy CharmI Carry Allergy Injector CharmDiabetes Charm

The I carry Allergy Injector Charm and Diabetes Charm will be helpful for various summer activities such as summer camps and travel. The Latex Allergy Charm will warn during play dates and parties, keeping children safe. The Asthma Charm will be ready before school starts this Fall, with more coming…

All the new charms will be ready to order by the end of July, please contact if you have any questions. For the wholesale customers, please contact if you would like to pre-order the new charms. Our products are made of 100% silicon, food grade colors and are latex free to ensure the safety of our children.

Allerbling™, raising awareness of children's food allergies... one wrist at a time.

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